Egypt, African World Cup squads outfitted with FieldWiz technology

Egypt training

Egypt’s national team has acquired FieldWiz kit technology, which should help it track and analyze various player data in greater depth.

FieldWiz provides individual heatmaps of the covered zones for each player, replays of whole games, phases of play, physical statistics including sprints, distance, speed and accelerations; and more.

The kits were acquired through an initiative by African football governing body CAF, that outfits all five African representatives at this summer’s FIFA World Cup finals in Russia with the technology.

“I am here at the request of CAF to explain how the FieldWiz kit works. CAF sees far and wants to help its teams with this very advanced technology,” said FieldWiz manager Julien Moix.

“FieldWiz helps teams in four different parts. First of all, there is medical follow-up and the physical part. Tactically, it allows coaches to improve player positioning. And finally, there is also the psychological component because it allows the coach to establish healthy competition since with FieldWiz, all players work, no one can cheat,” he added.

“This is the first time that CAF has made such a decision for the qualified teams of a World Cup. For me, it’s a historic decision,” said the Vice President of CAF’s Medical Committee, Dr. Yacine Zerguini.

Egypt Team Doctor Mohammed Aboulela seemed to be impressed.

“On the medical side, this kit is interesting. It allows the doctors to follow the players and the evolution of their state of health. It’s a good thing and it will enable us to progress in Africa through the usage of technology,” he said.


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