Uganda Minister Unafraid of FIFA Discipline


Uganda Sports Minister Charles Bakkabulindi says the government may take action against the Ugandan FA (FUFA), which may spark FIFA’s ire.

Bakkabulindi told KweséESPN this week that if FUFA did not send its accountability report, the government may have to further interfere.

“If FUFA fail to account then we shall have a meeting in the Ministry and plan the next move,” Bakkabulindi says.

“We are not scared about a FIFA ban depending on what action we take. We have our style of running affairs in Uganda and every sports association must now send their accountability as per the new regulations.”

Earlier this month the ministry wrote to FUFA demanding that it account for the money it got from sponsors, African football governing body CAF, and FIFA by July 13. It was the third time the ministry wrote to FUFA after letters in March and May.

“No written or verbal response has been received by the Permanent Secretary from your office despite the set deadline. This is not only tantamount to contempt of authority, but also a sign of lack transparency by the FUFA officials,” the July letter states.

The letter is titled ‘Accountability for funds and other resources received by FUFA’ and was also sent to the Ministers of Education and Sports, State for Higher Education and Sports, and National Council of Sports among others.

FUFA Finance Director Decolas Kiiza, however, says an accountability report has already been sent.

“We do not know what exactly they need because we already handed in the accountability report to the Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Education and Sports,” Kiiza claims.

Uganda receives $250,000 every year from FIFA under the Financial Assistance Program. CAF and local sponsors also provide support.

Uganda received $475,000 for qualifying to the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, held in Gabon earlier this year.

FIFA briefly suspended Sudan last week for government interference.

Egypt faces Uganda in back-to-back 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on Aug. 31 and Sep. 5.

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